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25 Aug 2016 FOR EDUCATORS: How Emotion Impacts the Brain's Successful Learning and What to do About it.
01 Apr 2016 Free Dyslexia Seminar with Susan Barton
20 Feb 2016 Intro to Precision Teaching and the Standard Celeration Chart
13 Jan 2016 Everything You Wanted To Know About ADHD But Were Too DISTRACTED To Ask!
27 Oct 2015 Movie Screening - 2e: Twice Exceptional followed by Q & A panel.
23 Sep 2015 Identifying Common Warning Signs for Learning Disabilities and Learning How to Take Action
13 May 2015 Anxious, Angry, Disorganized or Intense Kids? Learn practical ways to improve Communication, Collaboration & Cooperation
23 Apr 2015 NEW High School for kids who learn differently-OPEN HOUSE
17 Apr 2015 Savvy Solutions for Your Challenging School-Age Child
23 Mar 2015 Ask a Neuropsychologist
26 Feb 2015 What's After High School? Successful Transition to College
25 Jan 2015 Volunteer Meeting
22 Jan 2015 Volunteer Meeting
15 Jan 2015 Understanding the Evaluation Process:School Evaluations vs. Private Evaluations and Your Legal Rights
10 Dec 2014 Anxiety in ADHD Students
10 Dec 2014 Managing Mood Disorders and Depression in ADHD Adults and Kids
18 Nov 2014 Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying
08 Nov 2014 Parenting Essentials: Tools for Surviving and Thrivingbfrom Toddlers to Teens
29 Oct 2014 Living and Succeeding with ADHD
23 Oct 2014 Thriving with ADHD presented by Dr. Paul Beljan
30 Sep 2014 Ben Foss presents-Navigating Learning Differences through a Strength-Based Approach
21 Aug 2014 The Battle between Good and Evil: Setting Limits on Screen/Electronic Device Time Presented by Dr. Joe Gentry
08 Dec 2013 December Planning Meeting

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