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Heather Nassar, President

Heather is a parent and experienced nurse practitioner.   Since obtaining her master's degree in nursing from UCLA, she has treated both children and adults in a variety of public and private healthcare settings.   Born and raised in Los Angeles alongside a sister with dyslexia, Heather has developed a sophisticated understanding of the importance of scientific, research-based interventions, especially after observing her sister's tireless advocacy for her two children with learning and attention differences.   She attended her first "EdRev" conference in San Francisco in 2009 and ever since has been working behind the scenes to bring a PEN community to Phoenix.   Heather's medical background combined with her personal experiences with learning differences bring a unique combination of expertise and empathy to the board.

Sonia Gonzales, Secretary

Phil Calzadilla, Treasurer

David Jefferson

David Jefferson is a parent of special needs children, an active member of the community and a civil rights advocate who serves families across the state of Arizona by ensuring children and young adults with disabilities, from low income areas and other special populations are supported as they navigate the public education system. 

David has devoted the past 10 years of his life to supporting children.  He has done this as a foster parent, adoptive parent, advocate and community leader.  David proudly serves on the Board of Directors for several Arizona based non-profit organizations where he uses his skills and expertise to support their strategic missions. David believes all children deserve an opportunity to reach their full potential, and works hard to offer families the resources, support and advocacy they need to ensure their children can excel at home, at school and in the community. 


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